Covid Charter

We are delighted you have chosen to visit Wilding. In line with Government Guidance, we will be operating Covid-19 secure measures outlined below.

Whilst we are doing everything we can to keep Wilding Covid-free, please be aware that the contagious nature of covid-19 means that, although we have put in place preventative measures to reduce its spread, the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by the virus is still present. We cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to covid-19 and cannot accept any liability relating to this.

Mission Statement – To create a sustainable and safe environment where we can care for our staff and customers and where we can deliver on our ambition of providing great food, drink and service. We ask all of our customers to work with us in these challenging times so we can continue a safe and profitable business for the benefit of our staff, the business and the local community.

What we Promise to do:

Create a safe space, with thorough cleaning processes especially in high contact areas
Provide hand sanitisers throughout the venue
Ensure staff wear masks and wash their hands regularly (every 30mins for 20secs+)
Allow a maximum party size of 6 until we can increase that number (21 June tbc)
Provide table service at all times
Be as socially distant as possible
Continually review best practice
Strive to deliver the best in everything we do

What you can do to help:

Wear your mask when not seated, eating or drinking
Wash your hands regularly (for 20secs+ each time) and use hand sanitiser
Keep a safe social distance at all times
Wait for table service
Pay by card wherever possible. Our card machine is sanitised with each use. Cash payments are still accepted if required.
Book ahead to help us plan seating arrangements